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Saturday Morning Thai Street Food Market in Thai Town

Perhaps in response to the closure of the weekend street food market found at Wat Thai Los Angeles Temple in North Hollywood due to Covid-19, that this weekly event was created. Located in the small strip mall at the southwest intersection of Hollywood and Hobart Boulevards. Items sold by vendors within this plaza were priced no more than $5.00 each, such as made to order papaya salads, mango sticky rice desserts, and more.

Outside of this strip mall, there are venders on the sidewalks of Hobart Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard. However, the prices for the food items can run as high as $10.00 an order. Nevertheless, this street food market is a great opportunity for one to be able to sample Thai food besides the usual Pad Thai. Pad See Ew, or Satay Skewers (though you can get Pad Sew Ew and Satay here).

While the event runs until Noon, most vendors sell out before 11:00 am, and they pack up and leave. I brought my foodie group here for an early lunch today (we shopped for our food between 9:30 am and 10:00 am, then crossed over to the Thai Town building on the north side of Hollywood Blvd., and started setting out our spread on tables set up in front of the building, not to mention ordering some wok fried noodles at the stand by the tables.). I came by here with a friend on April 3rd to scope out the market, see what's offered and to find tables to eat at.

Below is a pictorial from my visits there on April 3rd and today, April 17th, starting with photos of the vendor stands along the east side of Hobart Boulevard. Thai congee was very popular. They sell out rather early. The other stands sell soups, appetizers and a popular coconut cake in the shape of a half sphere and topped with scallions, taro cubes, purple yam, and corn.

The vendors below are found inside the corner strip mall/plaza at the southwest corner of Hobart Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard. At about 9:00 am, a group of Buddhist monks would hold a prayer. Once they're done, they would leave the plaza, and shoppers move in.

On the north side of Hollywood Boulevard is Thai Town, where the Thai grocery market is on the ground floor, and a Thai restaurant (currently under renovations) is on the 2nd Floor. The entrance to the market is through the parking structure, and just outside the entrance is a Thai dessert stand where you can get those delicious coconut cakes, Thai pandan pancakes, cassava balls and more. Pictures are below.

In front of Thai Town is this wok fry station. The sounds and the smells...wonderful!

In the corner strip mall, you can get papaya salads:

On the east side of Hobart Boulevard, at the Thai Congee station:

And now, the pictures of the individual dishes of food:

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