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Lunch at Jitlada for Southern Thai in Hollywood, CA

Trying to get back at blogging regularly, but with the first one back, it’s going to brief and more of pictorial write-up. Being a procrastinator, it’s easy for me to get sidelined from posting. That mainly happens when I’m out of town on vacation, even if it’s a short overnight trip.

Southern Thai cuisine at it’s best in the Los Angeles area. I find Jitlada can be a hit or miss. The last time I ate here, about 2 years, was more of a miss. That meal, while the dishes were well prepared, wasn’t spicy. In addition, many of the dishes were on the sweet side. Not quite what we were expecting.

The dishes, this time around, were on point – the dishes we asked to be made spicy (medium spiciness level) were spicy, especially the Jungle Curry, one of their specialties. Taste-wise, the curries weren’t as sweet as the last time, and the broth with the Mussels was deliciously addicting.

Jitlada, 5233 1/2 West Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90027

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