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SHUTTERED: Modern Burmese at Daw Yee Myanmar Corner in Silver Lake

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

It was disappointing to learn that Daw Yee Myanmar Cafe in Monterey Park had shuttered due to the inability to negotiate a new lease.  However, there’s still Daw Yee Myanmar Corner to nosh at when one has a craving for refined Burmese dishes.  The food here is modernized to adapt to the local clientele in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles.  As such, some of the recipes used at the Cafe have been modified in order for Corner to offer up vegan and/or gluten free options.

The food here is still good, but some dishes will lack some of the pronounced flavors to the dishes due to the modifications and to accommodate special dietary needs.

Favorites of mine still include the Kima Platha, Mohinga, Tea Leaf Salad, and the desserts.  The dessert may not seem like much, but they sure hit the spot for me, with the best being the Tapioca Cake, made with tapioca flour and coconut.  Light sweet and fragrant from the taste of coconut the every bite.  The Semolina wheat cake and the cassava cake were hot out of the oven, dense, yet moist and also lightly sweetened.  A cup of coffee would go nice with the Semolina wheat cake.  The cassava cake had this sweet custardy taste to it.

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