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DTLA’s Financial District’s New Addition: Le Petit Paris LA, September 18, 2015

Gorgeous space and elegant decorated to replicate the feel of dining at a European cafe.  We dined here during the last of the 3 days for their soft-opening.  Service here is very attentive and cordial, and they are still working out some kinks as one our runners misidentified foie gras and calling it escargots.

Tuna Tartare

Le Petit Paris’ Signature Salad

One of my friends thoroughly enjoyed their signature salad and indicated that he would love to order it again, especially since the portion was quite substantial.  My other friend was not that enthusiastic with his tuna tartare, as he would like the tuna to be cut up into much smaller pieces.  He also found the plating a bit non-conducive as he needed to remove the salad layers on top in order to be able to get to the tartare.  I enjoyed my foie, as each component was tasty: foie, chutney, macaron and raisin bread.  I would prefer to have the bread toasted, maybe next time.

Housemade Duck Foie Gras

I ordered the Vegetarian Paparadelle ($16) and later asked to switch it to a Truffles Paparadelle ($27).  However, I let my server slyly talk me into having the Vegetarian Paparadelle with truffles shaved on top, which he said was the same as Truffles Paparadelle.  I should have clarified things with him, as (after he left to fire our order), I believed he may have misrepresented as Vegetarian Paparadelle with truffle shaving is $16 plus $18 supplement (total $34).  And when the check came, it showed the $16 and $18 charges.  I should have spoken up.  My dish had a very generous helping of paparadelle (actually too much, probably had twice the size of an appropriate serving, so some bites became all pasta and nothing else), and a decent amount of Australian black truffles shaved over it (another kink to work out as the server had a difficult time shaving the truffle over the pasta).  Flavors were good, and the truffles was quite aromatic.  

Vegetarian Paparadelle with Shaved Australian Black Truffles

My friends had the Lamb Shank and the Spiced Cod.  Thumbs up for the Lamb Shank, which was cooked beautifully, fall off the bone.  My other friend thought the cod was good, just good.  I didn’t ask to taste their dishes.

Spiced Roasted Cod

Lamb Shank

Since it was a birthday celebration, I inquired over the phone, when confirming my reservation, if I would be able to bring a cake to our dinner.  The hostess put me on hold to ask the manager, and came back on the line a few minutes later to say it was fine.  My mistake, I forgot to ask if there was a service charge for bringing the cake and having them serve it to me (though I believe the hostess should have advised me that there would be a $21 cake-age fee.

Tips:  Valet parking is $8.  Cocktails served at the upstairs lounge bar are about 1/2 smaller in size than those served from the downstairs bar (during meal service), at least, that was the case with the Caiparinha.  

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