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One of my foodie friendS, who was a chef in New Orleans, recommended that I dine at the restaurant inside The NoMad Hotel, where her niece works as the event coordinator, and the executive chef once worked at Eleven Madison Park. So, I took her suggestion and had dinner here with a friend, who had recently moved back to the Big Apple. The place as an interesting throw back in time, with a great speakeasy at the very back, manned by a couple very talented and eye-catching bartenders.  For the quality of the food and service for the price, it was quite a bargain; and yes, I just had to indulge in the foie gras, and it was excellent. Very smooth and creamy.  The skin of the chicken was nice and crispy, while the breast meat had the wonderful flavor from the foie gras that was rubbed all over it before the roasting process. The service here was impeccable as an army of staffers made sure that your dining experience was enjoyed at its fullest.  They certainly know how to make you feel special and well taken care of.

Radishes – Butter dipped with fleur de sel

Tagliolini – with clams, garlic and meyer lemon

Foie Gras – Terrine with aspargus and perigord truffles, with a toasted brioche. Heavenly

Roast Chicken for Two – Foie Gras, Black Truffle & Brioche (shaved truffles and brioche crumbs combined with foie and then rubbed all over the chicken, under the skin before roasting. 

Roast Chicken Breast served with white asparagus and nettles.

Roast Chicken (dark meat) with soft-poached egg. Delish as well!

Milk Chocolate Ganache with chocolate fondant and malt ice cream.

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