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Dim Sum at Elite Restaurant 名流山莊 in Monterey Park, CA

For at least a decade, Elite Restaurant has been ranked by diners and foodies as one of the Top 3 dim sum palaces in the LA/OC area. These days, despite changes of staff and managers, the quality of their dim sum is still excellent. Most of the dishes we ordered were prepared well and were delicious. Despite the number of options we ordered, by the time we asked for our check, there wasn’t a dumpling left on the table .

Usually the one item that frequently is not prepared well is the Har Gow (shrimp dumplings), as the rice flour dumpling wrap is either made too thick, or the dumplings have been overcooked with the dumpling wrap swelled up with moisture it collected during the cooking process (make the dumpling wrap gummy and easily fall apart). The Har Gow we got today were cooked properly.

The Golden Cream Buns (steamed round buns filled with a runny, sweet and creamy egg yolk center) were prepared well, although the runny egg yolk center was a bit too thin. Bite into one (or pull one apart) and watch the hot, molten center pour out of the center. These buns need to be served hot. Once it starts cooling, the runny center starts to firm up.

ELITE RESTAURANT, 700 South Atlantic Boulevard, Monterey Park, CA 91754, Telephone: (626) 282-9998,

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