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The Ultimate in Small Plates: Rock House Sliders in West Hollywood, CA

Learned about this place on Facebook and decided to check them out last night after dinner at The Counter nearby was kiboshed when the kitchen staff accidentally killed off the pilot light to the grills, and they weren’t able to restore it, forcing them to shut down early for the night.

I wanted so much to like Rock House Sliders, but as soon as I stepped inside, I hated everything about it:  The somewhat limited menu, the wasted space not used properly for more dining tables and seating, the huge kitchen with so much equipment and so many employees.

With such a large kitchen and large staff, you’d expect them to churn out orders relatively quickly, and well made.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  My friend’s order of 2 simple sliders plus an order of French fries took about 30 minutes to prepare, whereas my order took over 45 minutes.  I know they have growing pains for being a new establishment, but there was literally no order in the kitchen, despite the manager, running back and forth, trying to serve people their food.

There problems reading and executing orders that appear on that screen.  Unfortunately, a handful of orders, like mine were lost in their system.  One of the grill cooks stepped and took charge in trying to expedite the backed up orders.  It wasn’t until a couple of apologies and 20 minutes later before I got my food.

When things are smaller, the preparation has to be more precise, especially that for the burger patties, fried chicken patties and onion rings.   The onion was thin for the onion rings, so they were easily to overcook and make the breading extra crispy while drying out the onion itself.  I wasn’t able to taste the onion, just the seasoned breading that was dipped into the spicy ghost ranch dressing.

The same can be said about the fried chicken burger.  It had a thin slice of chicken that was breaded night and thick.  The result was a nice and crunchy exterior with a slightly dry piece of chicken.

The Boston Mushroom slider looked impressive as the burger patty extended beyond the edge of the bun.  But the bun itself was a bit dry, giving me that sense that it was not fresh.  That taste and texture detracted my enjoyment of the burger itself.

One saving grace was their ice cream (or soft serve).  It was rich and tasty.  Can easily taste the chocolate hazelnut.  Activated charcoal?  Not so much.

Not a fan of this concept.  I’m one who likes to take a nice big bite into a thick, juicy meat patty.  These sliders just did not satiate my taste buds.


Full Menu.  Queue up and order at the register. Then grab a table, and your number will be called out when it’s ready, or it may be delivered to your table.  Everything is a smaller size, including the sides and shakes.  You may need to order multiple items in order to satiate your hunger.


$15 for this spread of 2 sliders and 2 sides.

Original Chicken Slider

Original Chicken Slider with RHS Original Sauce, Cheddar Cheese, Pickles & Shredded Lettuce


Boston Mushroom Slider with 2 oz. Angus patty, truffle sauce, Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions and relish


Cheesy Tots served with Chipotle dip


Cheddar Cheese inside the Potato Tots


Crispy Onion Rings served with Spicy Ghost (Pepper) Ranch Dip


Spicy Ghost (Pepper) Ranch Dip had a good amount of heat but still is not spicy enough to make your eyes water


My friend’s order of the Original Crispy Chicken Slider, Chipotle BBQ Ranch Slider, and French Fries


Kind of a sad looking Chipotle BBQ Ranch Slider


Kind of a sad looking Crispy Chicken Slider


Big kitchen staff. Hope they’ll soon become a cohesive team churning out orders in a more timely fashion.


Their unique offering of the Red Lava Ice Cream

Charcoal Soft Serve

Charcoal Soft Serve that was comped to us for having to wait long for our food.

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