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Terra at Eataly LA in Century City

Not much I can say about this place.  Beautiful space.  Our server was good.  The food, for the most part, was solid.  Tableside presentation of the gelato dessert was a nice tough, but not sure it’s worth the $8 supplement price if you order it with the Menu Fisso, their $29 3-course prix fixe.

As the first reservation of the day, our group did not appreciate the attitude from the manager and hostess.  We did not appreciate the lapses in service by the rest the service staff:  we were not offered grated parmesan cheese or freshly grounded black pepper for our salads or the ravioli dish, unlike with the table next to us.  And one busser, who was trying to offer a positive spin to our mentioning about the lackluster Chopped Salad, but instead made remarks that were condescending and dismissive.  Realizing how he misspoke, he never tended to our table after that.

The poorly prepared Chopped Salad that lacked some of ingredients, which made it flavorless.  The Pea Ravioli was served very little butter sauce drizzled on the plate.  And an order of iced tea turned out to be a 20 oz. bottle that costs $9.00.

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