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Tasting at Chef Dave Beran’s Dialogue Restaurant

Dined here on September 13, 2017, but was just a tad to “out of it” to be in the mood to post about this 20+ course tasting.  Having started a new job in Santa Monica, it was easy for me to head over to Dialogue for tasting or Uovo for a pasta dinner, but with schools back in session, it was difficult to adjust to the 100 minute average drive to and from work (100 minutes, each way, that is).

Nevertheless, I was excited to try Chef Dave Beran’s food, especially since I had always wanted to go to Alinea in Chicago, but haven’t had the time, nor money.  Taking an early reservation in mid-week seemed to be the most beneficial if you’re seeking the lowest prices for this tasting (tax and gratuity included).  For me, it was around $191.00 per person, all in.

Sitting at the counter, it was fun watching Chef Beran and his assistant chefs cook and plate each course immaculately,  At times, there would be whimsy as well, as can be seen with the French Onion Soup course, where a mouthful of that rich and unctuous French onion broth was encapsulated inside a small onion ball that had cheese melted all over it.

The tasting (and keep that in mind, it’s a tasting, not a hearty dinner that will fill you up) took about 2 1/2 hours, but that’s understandable given the number of courses and the amount of work and timing that needed to be executed flawlessly by Chef Beran and his staff.  I enjoyed the tasting and look forward to see what he has in store for his Autumn/Winter Menu, which he will debut next week.

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