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Lobster & Steak Express in West Covina, CA

Unusual little place inside Hong Kong Plaza in West Covina.  With a name like Lobster & Steak Express, one would not have expected them to be a Chinese restaurant that services up dishes similar to those you would find at Newport Seafood and Boston Lobster in San Gabriel.

Though steak has now been removed from their menu, lobster is still available, and when we dined here almost a month ago, it was sold at $17.95 per pound, about the same pricing as Boston Lobster.  The preparation of their lobster is good, but not as great as Newport Seafood nor Boston Lobster.  The rest of their dishes were solid as well, with the exception of the Fish Filet with Fried Garlic.

The fish was overly battered, and there was not enough garlic to bring out that intoxicating smell of fried garlic.  The result was fish fliet pieces that were not crunchy not well seasoned.  The other dish that is not recommended is their Deep Fried Dumplings, which were store bought frozen.

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