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Kosher Tunisian Wine Dinner at Harissa with Wine Pairing by Covenant Wines

Chef Alain Cohen first opened Got Kosher? in 2009, which offered a menu of kosher North African dishes.  It has been a hit since.  This year, he changed the name of the restaurant to Harissa, and with it came a new menu, with popular Tunisian dishes prepared kosher using French techniques, as well as a nod from French cuisine, to elevate those dishes in both presentation and taste.

What you end up with are delicious, refined dishes such as their babighanoush, challahs, and beef meatballs.  I found their babighanoush addictive as it is whipped up into a light mousse-like puree.  Well seasoned and smoky in flavor, it was wonderful to spread it over slices of their challah.

The beef meatballs are huge and hearty, and a must to have when you order one of their Tunisian Couscous Feasts.

Desserts divine as well.  Rose Water Ice Cream, made without the use of any dairy products, was rich and creamy.  The flavor was quite pronounced and sweet.  The Arissa Almond Cake was rich and moist, sweet with a wonderful hint of almond.  Pair them with a nice hot glass of mint tea, and it was nice way to end the meal.

Mensch and Tribe Wines were provided by Covenant Wines, whose vineyard is up in Lodi, CA, but their winery store is in downtown Berkeley, CA.   I really enjoyed their 2016 Mensch Roussanne was very light, crisp and refreshing.

And all of these wines are kosher as well!

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