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E.S.T. Prime Steakhouse at Sheraton Hotel Los Angeles San Gabriel

It’s hard to believe that this upscale/fine dining steakhouse is celebrating its 1 year anniversary this month. It seemed like it was only yesterday when we were talking about the opening of this steakhouse, as well as the much anticipated Sichuanese restaurant, Ba Shu Feng, that was to open alongside of it. From what I’ve read, Ba Shu Feng fell through when they weren’t able to obtain work visas for the chefs and kitchen staff. Months later, upscale Cantonese restaurant OPAL would open alongside of EST Steakhouse instead.

However, while OPAL sits empty on a Saturday night, EST is filling up their tables. Why? The advantage EST has over OPAL is that there isn’t another steakhouse within a 5 mile radius of it. Whereas OPAL appears to be just another Cantonese restaurant in the Valley filled with Chinese restaurants.

Welcome to EST Steakhouse, where you can check-in at the host stand and then take a picture pretending to be on the red carpet of some chic function.

EST seemed to have indicated that they have plenty of tables available at all times of Saturday night where one can book a table in the main dining room through Open Table. However, when we arrive for our 6:30 pm reservation, we were given a table in the bar / lounge area. The seating was not the most conducive for enjoying a steak dinner, and that did not give a good first impression of the restaurant.

The service here was good but not up to the level one would expect from an upscale / fine dining restaurant. After a year, the service didn’t seem to flow smoothly. There were issues still issues that need to be worked out. One of the runners asked if we wanted a refill on the house bread and butter. We said “yes,” but that never came.

One of my dinner mates ordered 2 appetizers, one which was the Crab Cakes, and she specifically ask that the Crab Cakes be served at the same time as the entrees. Somehow, there was miscommunication somewhere as the entire table’s appetizers were held to be served with the entrees. We inquired about the appetizers after 20 minutes of waiting. Only then were the appetizers served. In addition, the a medium-well U.S. Wagyu Ribeye was mistaken for the medium-rare U.S. Wagyu Ribeye, which led to the steaks being served to the wrong diners, and one of the ribeyes had to be re-fired.

Bone Marrow (under-seasoned and seemingly flavorless to me)

Hudson Valley Foie Gras (I got one of the last orders of this dish. Since it’s again illegal to sell foie gras in California, this item will now be taken off the menu.)

Pacific Northwest Dungeness Crab Cakes (Crispy, and full of crab meat, no filler)

While I enjoyed the steak (it was well seasoned), the Sides left much to be desired. Most disappointing dish of the night for me was the Lobster Risotto. It was just mushy and not much depth of flavor.

U.S. Wagyu Ribeye 16 oz., Medium-Rare

U.S. Wagyu Ribeye 16 oz., Medium-Rare

Wagyu Beef Fat House Cut Fries (perhaps would have been better if they were twice fried?)

Garlic and Pork Belly Mash Potatoes

Roasted Asparagus

Sauteed Bloomsdale Spinach

Lobster Risotto (Apologies for the blurry picture)

With the inconvenience of having to sit in the lounge area, and the mix up with the steaks, the manager comp’ed the order of Bone Marrow and one of the steaks. That was a very great gesture on their behalf.

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