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Beijing Duck Lunch at Duck House 鹿鼎記 in Monterey Park, CA


For me, there are only a handful of places in the Greater Los Angeles Area that serves up really good Beijing Duck (aka Peking Duck), and Duck House is one of them.  They have been a staple here for over 15 years, and the quality of their food hasn’t diminished since.  In fact, they’re reaching out to foodies from around the city by participating in their very first DineLA Restaurant Week, which runs from July 13th through July 27th.  In addition, you can now make reservations through Open Table.

After checking out their $25 lunch and $49 dinner menus for DineLA, I thought one can get a better deal buy ordering off their regular menu.  So, for a party of 16 (8 per table), I ordered for each table the $268 set menu for 6 people, an extra half Beijing Duck, and 2 vegetable dishes for each table.  The total for lunch unfortunately came out to be about $20 more per person, tax and gratuity included.

However, for the majority, the food was delicious, and everyone was able to get ample amount of duck.  Shiny, crispy skinned duck, where some pieces had a nice layer of rendered fat on them, giving you more flavor with every bite.  Duck meat is sliced nicely and evenly, making them easy to roll up into a wrap with the raw scallions, cucumbers and a drizzle of hoisin sauce.  Each bite into the wrap was a mouthful of savory, ducky goodness.

The other dishes were solid, and the Baked Truffled Lobster was meaty and juicy, doused in a tasty garlicky and peppery sauce that just screams for a steamed white rice so you can use it to soak up those juices and savor the flavor.

Lunch ended with a plate of Passionfruit Konnyaku Jello, made in molds in the shape of Hello Kitty’s face.  Konnyaku is made from the Amorphophallus konjac and is sometimes referred to as yam, yam cake or yam flour.  It has a firmer texture than agar agar or regular gelatin.  It’s not very flavorful, so you can easily taste the passionfruit flavor.


Calamari with a spicy and garlicky dipping sauce


Smoked Flavored Pork


Beijing Duck with all the fixings


1 1/2 Orders of Beijing Duck

Shredded Scallions and Cucumbers and Hoisin Sauce

Shredded Scallions and Cucumbers and Hoisin Sauce that accompany the duck


The Perfect Bite


Duck Soup with Napa Cabbage and Tofu


Filet Mignon Cubes with Black Pepper


Baby Bok Choy with Dried Scallops and Crab Meat


BBQ Eel with Glutenous Rice


Sauteed A Choy


Sizzling Tofu with Basil in Pot


Baked Truffled Lobster in Black Pepper Sauce


Passionfruit Konnyaku Jelly


They were made in a Hello Kitty mode!

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